I want to share this song, I’m currently working on, with you.
It’s called “Open”.

Following quote by Rumi (as told by Omid Safi in his Sufi Heart Podcast) inspired me to write this song:

A heart can crack,
or it can break open.

I like that… to me that tells a story of the inevitability of heartache, if I want to love. But my heart can either “only” crack, and I can retreat and lick my wounds and let “time heal them”, or I can allow my heart to be broken wide open, so the light and love of God / Existence can shine through.

Rumi and Leonard Cohen have something very similar to say about the light shining through our cracks:

There’s a crack in everything, that’s where the light shines through

Leonard Cohen

The Wound is Where The Light Enters You


Marvelous. I love it!

And here are the lyrics to my song. By the time of writing this article, I have already continued working on the song, so the lyrics aren’t quite the same as the ones I recorded before… see if you can spot the difference? 😉


Such a cold dark night, outside the door
warm laughter ring-inside your heart – singing “There’s more to life”
Than worry and strife
hurrying through the night
with a pot full of sighs – so

Come in my friend, come right on in – and hear the key
A gentle voice, and grateful eyes: Say yes and see.
A lock’s meant to turn
While the pot’s made to thirst
The heart must burn before it bursts

Open, Open

The same old words, the same old song, and the same nightsky
But since we heard you we see light through a different eye
The pot fell down
it shattered into space
The Heart cracks and then it breaks

Open, Open

When the night asks of you, impossible things
When your voice cracks up and your soul can’t sing
Know the seed must break
For the tree to grow
The Heart it aches – it wants to know – it longs so… to

Open, Open


Photo by DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash

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