seanspeak w/ Mia Renwall

This time I talked with Mia Renwall who’s a coach, trainer and vocal artist. She gives vocal coaching, intimacy workshops and honest communication groups – check out for her offers.

We talked about having a „professional attitude“ as artist/creators and staying inspired and motivated at the same time. We then discussed aspects of the creative process and tricks for fearless sharing of your creations. Finally we discussed how it is to be a part of the business / marketing world and staying truthful to yourself (as an artist / loving human being).

00:00 – Defining what Mia Renwall does in 3 words?
02:15 – Doing many things / Not defining yourself too much
04:12 – Getting Professional & Keeping the Beginners Mind
09:00 – Joyfully creating for “friends” (as an antidote to fear + perfectionism) — life-hack to just do what you want to do and not fear the response of others and give in to perfectionism and procrastination
12:09 – Stop “shoulding” yourself! (& What does shoulding mean?)
13:30 – Less is More: Using boundaries / restrictions for more focus and depth in the creative process.
18:37 – Create safety and intimacy in the creative process by envisioning a group of friends as your recipients.
22:48 – „Mia, how is it for you to give your voice to a product?“
25:55 – „We are part of the problem! … We can’t be perfect, just strive to be a little better and a little more loving.“